How many locations do you offer? When are you going to offer more backplates?

We are a brand new startup and we are working continuously on upcoming stuff. Stay tuned, follow us on Linkedin or Instagram and get news about new uploads.


Why don’t you offer retouched backplates?

We are offering unimproved highend data to give our customers the opportunity to create own stunning looks. But we are also working on tutorials, inspiration videos and lookup-tables to give you some ideas and insights for your car-shot soon.

If you are interested in an exclusive retouched backplate for your special needs, feel free to contact our experienced team from The Scope.


What are the data specifications?

The 3D package contains a preconfigured Maya scene with the following benefits:

▪ Stand-in car geometry

▪ Shadow catcher geometry

▪ HDR dome with masks and motion blur

▪ ZDepth, WPP and NORMAL MAP included the EXR files (32bit)

Just place your car and you are ready to render!


The Photoshop file is part of every package and includes:

▪ Stand-in car 2D as a placement and grading reference 

▪ Lightselect layers, HDR and SUN

▪ Masks for all main elements of the scene

▪ 16bit half float data for a maximum of flexibility

▪ Square format for easy adaptation to modern media

Just place your car and create a stunning own edit.


Do you include other file types in your 3D package except Maya?

We add also FBX files to our 3D package, so you can open the scene in every common app, such as 3ds Max or Cinema 4D.


Why are you using car placeholders in your images?

We produce images of a generic car, so you can quickly and visually decide if the background works for your shot. This car is just a stand-in to help you placing your vehicle.


Why do some of the pictures look blown out or too brightly exposed in the previews?

All products are rendered and delivered in 16bit half float, the Photoshop files and previews do reflect that. The gain at render time keeps an automated middle ground, with a huge value range above and below. Since the user can adjust the Sky (HDR) and the Sun layer within the 16bit range, every picture can be exposed perfectly according to her/his demands before converting to 8bit.


Will range shots and video clips be available? 

Both product lines are in active development. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information.


Is there going to be a city environment for Ready To Render?

Yes! The first set is in active production.



If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.
Looking forward to hearing from you.